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There are several reasons why you may have a low or no credit score, (for example if you haven’t had any credit commitments in the past), as this means there’s no evidence of you keeping up-to-date with payments. We work with numerous mortgage lenders that don’t credit score, so there are still mortgage options available.

  • Applications based on the person not a score
  • 95% mortgages available to purchase a property
  • 90% remortgage available

Low credit score FAQ

The answer is probably yes, although every situation is different and it can sometimes limit the mortgages available to you.

We have a team of specialist brokers that deal specifically with bad credit mortgages. Speak to one of our brokers today to see if we can help you. There is no obligation and the initial advice is free.

There are still mortgage options available to people who have negative information on their credit file. This might be a CCJ, defaults from previous loans or even a bankruptcy discharge. You may have otherwise been in an IVA or other debt plan to help repay your debts. If you’ve struggled financially in the past but are back on track now then there are lenders who will consider your application. This negative information remains on your credit file for a maximum of 6 years, so if you’re unsure that it still exists you should check your credit report. You can do this through a credit reference agency such as Experian or Equifax.

If your partner has a poor credit history and has struggled with debt then it’s natural to worry about how this might affect you as well. The good news is that there are lenders out there who are willing to consider your application whether you’re buying a house individually or looking for a joint mortgage.

If you have no financial links with your partner already, such as a loan or a joint bank account, then your partner’s credit score won’t affect you getting a mortgage independently of them. Even if you’re married you won’t be associated financially unless you have some sort of joint finances. Alternatively, you might be asking will my bad credit score affect my partner?

If you’re looking for a joint mortgage, however, you will become financial associates and will both be liable to repay. A joint mortgage will allow you to borrow more money, as it will take into consideration both your incomes.  Despite whether or not you have a good credit score, your partner’s bad credit will affect your interest rate on the mortgage and will likely require you to put down a larger deposit. As each person’s situation is unique, it’s best to speak with a mortgage advisor before applying.

Take a look at our article on joint mortgages for further information.

When trying to get a mortgage with bad credit, many people assume that if they keep applying for finance they will eventually find a company who will accept them.

This couldn’t be more incorrect. When searching for finance, multiple applications can be one of the worst mistakes you can make. Each time you make a credit application it leaves a mark on your credit file. This is because the lender will typically carry out a “hard” search, which will leave a footprint on your credit file that other lenders can see. These have a direct impact on your scoring as they show your level of need for credit. If you have too many applications made within the same time period, lenders can be put off by your application as it can seem as though you’re desperate for credit and therefore potentially less likely to make payments on time.

The best way to approach finance applications is to do your research before applying and if you know you’re going to apply to more than one, then try and spread these out over a few months. If you want to make comparisons, you can always ask the lender to run a soft search for a quote, which will only be visible to you.

Bad Credit mortgages work well for people who are trying to get on the property ladder, but may have been refused a mortgage elsewhere because of their bad credit history. They are also suitable for homeowners or home movers whose financial situation has changed since taking out their previous mortgage.

These mortgages work in exactly the same way as a standard mortgage. The amount you borrow you will pay back to your lender in monthly instalments with interest added.

We can help and advise around how to get a mortgage with bad credit, even if you’ve got a CCJ, or have had an IVA, we might still be able to find the right deal for you.

Speak to an advisor if you have any questions.

There’s so much jargon when it comes to finding a mortgage, it can be overwhelming trying to make sense of it all. Bad credit mortgages – also known as sub-prime mortgages or adverse credit mortgages – are specifically for people who have a bad credit rating. Trying to find a mortgage suitable for you when you have bad credit might not be easy, but getting a mortgage, even with a very low credit score and many defaults, is still possible.

You might have a few missed payments, had a CCJ (County Court Judgment) or may have even been made bankrupt. You might also be in, or have been in, a DMP (Debt Management Plan). These can all result in a bad credit score, limiting your finance options.

One of the main differences with a bad credit mortgage, is that interest rates tend to be higher when compared to standard mortgages. You’re likely to have to put down a larger deposit too (between 15-30% of the total property value is typical), because bad credit customers are considered higher risk by lenders.

However, paying a mortgage consistently for a few years can improve your credit score. So in time, you might be able to remortgage with a standard lender at some point in the future.

It’s usually possible to remortgage with bad credit and if your credit rating has gone up since the last time you took out a mortgage, but you’re still in the ‘bad credit’ category, it may be possible to remortgage with a high-street lender. Whether you’re able to secure a better rate will depend on your credit score, your income, your monthly out-goings (including any dependents), your property’s current value and the equity you hold in it.

How do I know if I have bad credit?

Many people don’t know what their credit score is or how it works, but it’s actually the most important information about you when applying for any type of finance, mortgage or any bad credit mortgages. There are plenty of credit score myths out there:

For instance:

Myth ONE

The less debt you have the better: actually if a lender can’t see that you’ve paid off debt, they don’t know you’ll be consistent in your repayments to them.

Myth TWO

You don’t need to check your credit report for mistakes: check your credit report regularly! Experian found that nearly half of people have never checked theirs.


There’s a credit blacklist: When you apply for credit you will be assessed on the information a lender has on you already, the details you put in your application and what it needs to confirm through your credit report.


Your credit score is impacted by previous occupants at your address. In fact, an individual's credit can only be affected by someone else's credit history if there is a financial association, such as a joint account with a partner.

Should I use a mortgage broker for bad credit?

Most of our customers have had some form of credit difficulties, from low credit score, missed payments or declined a mortgage elsewhere.

Case Study

Securing a mortgage for the couple with a low credit score

With Clever Mortgages they were able to:

Use 100% of their Universal credit and child benefit alongside their income
Take out a first-time buyer mortgage with a high street bank
Secure a fixed rate of 2.18% even though they had a poor credit history
Ensure financial stability with a good rate and low payments for two years
Start rebuilding their credit score

Mr and Mrs D were a couple of first-time buyers struggling to find a mortgage as they had low credit scores and previous defaults. They’d already been declined by a high street bank and weren’t sure if they’d be able to get onto the property ladder.

Mr and Mrs D needed a lender which would accept 100% of the Universal Credit along with Mr D’s income, which they were finding difficult.

We helped them by securing them a first-time buyer mortgage with another high street bank, which is helping them rebuild their credit scores. They now have an affordable mortgage with a fixed-term which is covered by their income and benefits. This has provided them with the security of a new home with low payments for two years.

New mortgage£139,500£528.272.18%2 year fixed rate 90% LTV30 years

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Specialists in bad credit

Every member of our team is trained in bad credit situations and know how to find the right solutions for customers – helping them get the mortgage that’ll get them back on track.

Over 100 lenders

The number and quality of lenders we work with means we have access to a diverse spectrum of best-rate deals. The lenders we use means we have all areas covered – even for those in particularly niche circumstances.

Not every case is the same

As each customer’s situation is unique, we take the time to understand your situation, and we carefully assess your goals and how we’ll make sure the mortgage we get helps you to achieve them.

Access To Exclusive Rates

The relationship we have with our lenders means we have access to products and deals that simply aren’t available to customers going direct. This is true particularly for those in adverse credit situations.

Offering the best support

We know that buying or moving house and getting a mortgage is stressful, so we do our upmost to make the process as hassle-free as possible. We’re there for you at every step, always keeping you in the loop.

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We’re proud of our long-standing 5 Star Rating on Trustpilot, and love all the positive feedback we get from customers every day. We feel privileged to help people get a great deal with far less stress.

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