Professional mortgage

Professional mortgage options

Your job type might make getting a mortgage more difficult. You might be required to supply additional documentation in order for lenders to consider you for a mortgage. Here we have provided information and advice on how to get a mortgage if your job type falls into one of the below categories.

Whatever your job type, we will help get the right mortgage for you.

Contractor Mortgages

Whether you’re a teacher, IT contractor, engineer or even a manager, you might be in a contract-based role. If so, you might find it more difficult to get a mortgage as your job is considered less secure.

Teacher Mortgages

Mainstream lenders sometimes consider teacher’s jobs as non-permanent, especially those on fixed contracts or newly qualified teachers (NQTs). You might need to prove to lenders that you have a sustainable job.

Company Director

As a company director, your earnings may be lowered to help pay less tax and prioritise your business capital. You might struggle to get mortgage approval as it will be based on your salary and not what you can actually afford.

Student Mortages

Taking out a mortgage whilst a university or college can help young people to get on the property ladder much sooner. But getting a mortgage whilst not yet in full-time employment can be extremely difficult.