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We can help you remortgage even with bad credit

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If you have bad credit and need to remortgage your home, then don’t worry as we should be able to help. We understand there can be lots of reasons for people having an impaired credit profile and will look into your circumstances to make sure you’re offered the most suitable solution.

A mortgage is not only the biggest financial commitment for most people, but also the biggest headache if it becomes difficult to make the monthly repayments. Remortgaging can be a great option if you’re reaching the end of your current terms and would like a better rate as part of a new deal – especially if you’re in debt.

Are you in debt and would like to remortgage?

There are many reasons for getting into debt, such as unemployment, ill health or the breakdown of a relationship. Getting behind with bills for one month can soon escalate into a much bigger problem if you start relying on credit to pay for household costs – which then leads to increased debt, higher monthly repayments and marks on your credit file if you get behind with your bills.

Bad credit is also a bit of a sweeping statement. The thing is missing just one payment, for example if you forget to pay a credit card one month or you don’t have enough money in your bank account for a direct debit to pay your mobile phone bill, can leave a mark on your credit file and lower your credit score. Did you know a missed credit card payment could affect your credit score for three years?

Bad credit can be a result of CCJs, mortgage defaults, IVAs or bills that have been paid late. You can even have a low credit score if you’re self-employed, with no proof of income, so you simply haven’t built up a credit history yet.

If you’d like to remortgage your home but have a low credit score, we’ll use our experience of the specialist lending industry to provide you with the most suitable solution based on your circumstances.

Bad credit remortgages

It’s not a problem if you’ve been turned down for a remortgage by a high street bank or lender as Clever work with a wide range of providers who can help people in many different and complex situations. We have access to lenders are able to assist with most credit profiles, whilst providing a high level of customer service and expert decisions you can count on.

We can help whether you’re self-employed, a contract worker, if your income is seasonal or you rely on extra part-time work or bonuses. No matter what your circumstances are, we’ll review your situation, affordability and advise on the most suitable remortgage solution for you.

Remortage deals even if you have bad credit

At Clever Mortgages we treat our customers as individuals and we know everyone has their own set of circumstances that our expert staff will take into account when looking to find you a positive outcome.

We’ll take the time to fully understand your requirements and work on your behalf to look at all possible options to find the most appropriate remortgage for your current circumstances and future financial journey.

For every application our aim is to find a remortgage that suits your plans, and one that you can afford now and in the future. We can help even if you’ve had defaults on your credit file.

Clever Mortgages is your route to your new remortgage so make sure to talk to one of our friendly team today on 0800 197 0620.

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