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How to improve your home on a budget

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One of the first things you’ll probably think of when you hear the words ‘home improvement’ is, surprise surprise, money.

Whilst it’s true that some people splash thousands upon thousands on the latest mod cons, expensive extensions and costly conversions, the majority of people just don’t have wads of cash lying around. This doesn’t, however, mean you can’t make some fantastic home improvements on a budget. Sound good? Here’s a few of them:

• Install some skylights
• Add a fresh coat of paint
• Decorate with a stair runner
• Add some outdoor seating
• Don’t forget the front of your house!

Install some skylights

Do you have an attic room? If so, then skylights should be one of the first ideas on your list. They come in at a total cost of around £1,000, but are still a relatively uncommon renovation and, as such, can add a unique touch to your home. Aside from bringing in much more natural light than a normal window, they look amazing on a clear night and are great for ventilation in the summer too.

Add a fresh coat of paint

Re-painting your rooms is a great way to inject some personality into your home. Sure, it might have seemed a good idea to get clean-looking beige walls everywhere a few years ago, but going for the safe option isn’t necessarily the best one.

Colours like jewel green or deep purple are great choices to make your home seem much more unique, and the best thing about painting is that it’s pretty cheap too. It’s unlikely you’re going to have to spend more than £100 per room to re-paint it, yet painting remains one of the most powerful ways to change the entire character of your home.

Decorate with a stair runner

Stairs are one of the first parts of a home to lose their sheen (especially if you’ve got young children running up and down them all the time) and can spoil the rest of your house’s look if you’re not careful. Fortunately, installing a stair runner not only solves this problem (and is relatively cheap), but looks great too!

Opt for trendy Aztec patterned designs to give your stairs some character, or go ultra-cosy with softer luxurious materials. If you’ve got kids running around the house 24/7, then you’ll be pleased to know you can choose hardwearing materials that still bring a touch of style to your staircase.

Add some outdoor seating

If you’re lucky enough to have a back garden, then you should always make the most of it if you want to improve the value of your home. Aside from basic touches like keeping your grass cut and fending off weeds, adding some outdoor seating is a must if you’ve got the room. Being able to relax outside in privacy and enjoy a drink or a barbecue in the summer is one of life’s greatest pleasures, and you can get very fairly priced outdoor seating and tables if you shop around.

Don’t forget the front of your house!

Your front windows, door, porch, driveway and garden (if you have one) are the first things people see when they look at your home, so why not make a good first impression? If you’re thinking of selling your home in the future, then revamping the front of your house is a sure-fire way to boost your home’s value for a relatively small cost.

Even minor changes like getting a new door, painting your window ledges or adding some outside light features can really make your home stand out amongst the crowd and, potentially, attract a buyer.

If you’re planning to improve your home, whether large-scale changes or lots of smaller changes speak to us now about our range of finance solutions.

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