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What is a fixed rate mortgage UK

What is a fixed rate mortgage UK

A fixed rate mortgage basically means that your interest rate and payments won’t change for the initial product period of your mortgage.

How does a credit score work?

Credit scores

Have you ever wondered how a credit score works? How it can affect you? Or why there are different agencies that create your reports?
Below we answer your questions and a link to a free credit report check*

What is a residential mortgage?

Residential mortgage

A residential mortgage in the UK is a loan that is used to purchase a property for use as a primary residence. The lender, typically a bank or building society, uses the property as collateral for the loan. The borrower makes monthly payments to the lender until the loan is fully repaid, which is typically over a period of 25-30 years.

Right to Acquire scheme – The ultimate guide

Right to acquire scheme

Right to Acquire is a scheme available if you are a housing association tenant in England. The scheme gives tenants the right to purchase their home at a discounted price. To be eligible for the scheme, tenants must have had a public sector landlord for at least three years.

Moving House Checklist

Moving House

Moving house checklist. Please find below our hints and tips for moving house.
Firstly, plan ahead, dont leave it until the last minute.

What is Equity Release?

equity release

Equity release is a way to get cash from the value of your home. It allows you to unlock some of the equity (money) tied up in your property

What is shared ownership

Shared ownership

Shared ownership is a government-aided initiative to help first-time homebuyers and existing homeowners purchase a new property by helping towards the deposit.

Exiting a fixed rate early

You can usually leave a fixed rate mortgage early – however, lenders usually require an early repayment charge and an exit fee.

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