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What credit score do I need for a mortgage?

You don’t need a specific credit score to get a mortgage, in fact there is no universal credit score. Different credit agencies have different methods of scoring and different lenders have different requirement for accepting mortgage applications so there really is no set score you need to have to get a mortgage.

Typically, a higher credit score shows that you historically have made your repayments on time and borrow responsibly which makes lenders more likely to give you a mortgage, but if you have bad credit or a poor credit history, this doesn’t mean you can’t get a mortgage.

If you apply directly to lenders, some may do a hard credit search which will show up on your credit report and may lower your credit score if you don’t get accepted. Multiple checks can reduce your credit score.

At Clever Mortgages, we specialise in helping people with bad credit get a mortgage from specialist lenders that accept people with a poor credit history. Plus, our brokers will make it clear which lenders are likely to accept you, vastly reducing the amount of hard credit searches you may face going directly to a lender.

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