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What age can I get a mortgage up to?

You’re never too old to buy a home, and luckily lenders have started warming up to that concept in recent years. You should be able to get a mortgage up to any age, including retirement, so long as you can prove you’re able to make the repayments. Whether that be with your pension, substantial savings or investments providing an ongoing income, if you can prove to your would-be lender that repayments won’t be an issue, you should be able to get a mortgage.

Some lenders do have age caps on when you can take out a mortgage, often ranging from 70-85, and some lenders limit how old you can be when the mortgage term ends, often ranging from 75-95. That being said, many lenders are open to consideration and there is no official maximum age limit when it comes to applying for mortgages – only lender policy varies from company to company.

At certain ages other products become available such as Equity Release and Retirement Mortgages.

Category: General Mortgage FAQ
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