How COV-ID 19 impacted mortgage products and the market

The coronavirus pandemic has changed many aspects of our daily lives, with everyone taking steps and precautions to work together to prevent the spread. In uncertain times, banks and lenders are examining their products and the level of risk involved. A number of mortgage products have been withdrawn from the market, mainly those with a […]

Taking out a bad

Have you been denied a mortgage because of your credit history? Do you have bad credit and wondering how to get a bad Clever Mortgages can help applying for a bad credit mortgage Finding a lender who will be willing to offer a ‘bad credit mortgage’ can sometimes be difficult. Here at Clever Mortgages […]

Additional Borrowing on Mortgage

One potential reason for remortgaging is to take out additional borrowing on a mortgage to consolidate debt. At Clever Mortgages, we’re experts in helping customers find the right remortgage solution, based on their individual situation, alongside the goals they wish to achieve. In this guide we focus on a customer who wanted to take out […]

Paying the Mortgage After Separation

Paying the Mortgage After Separation

For some of our customers, paying the mortgage after separation is their key concern. They come to Clever Mortgages, wanting to break their financial ties with a previous partner. In this guide we’ll look at: How we helped our customer with paying the mortgage after separation Making sure he also realised his goal of bringing […]

Mortgages For People With Bad Credit

Mortgages For People With Bad Credit

If you’ve had an IVA, you might be concerned that you won’t be able to get a remortgage product – especially one that’ll actually reduce your monthly repayments. In this guide we’ll look at: How we helped our customer to get a new mortgage with the same lender Ways Clever Mortgages could help you find […]

Debt Consolidation Mortgages

Getting a new mortgage to consolidate your debts can be a good way to get your finances back on track. In this guide we’ll cover: How we helped a customer to save money every month with a debt consolidation mortgage – even with poor credit history! A little about the remortgage process with us – […]

Mortgage jargon buster

Multi-coloured blocks with icons on them

We know that getting a mortgage can be confusing. There are lots of things to consider and a lot of terminologies that you may not have heard before. Here we have tried to clear up the confusion by explaining in simple terms what these different terms mean.