Can you get a mortgage with debt?


Many people who are in debt automatically assume they won’t be eligible for a mortgage. This isn’t always the case and you should still have a chance to take out a mortgage if you have debts. However, if your existing or previous debt has had a negative impact on your credit rating, then it can […]

Paying the Mortgage After Separation

Paying the Mortgage After Separation

For some of our customers, paying the mortgage after separation is their key concern. They come to Clever Mortgages, wanting to break their financial ties with a previous partner. In this guide we’ll look at: How we helped our customer with paying the mortgage after separation Making sure he also realised his goal of bringing […]

The main benefits of a debt consolidation loan

A man looks at bills and a calculator as he considers a debt consolidation loan

If you’re currently dealing with multiple loans from different loan providers then consolidating this debt can be a good option. A debt consolidation loan allows you to combine your debts to provide you with one monthly repayment.

Ways to improve your credit score

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A poor credit history can complicate things when trying to get a mortgage. Many mortgage providers won’t lend to someone who has suffered from bad credit regardless of their situation now. If you’ve been unsuccessful in getting a mortgage then you should work to improve your credit score.