Remortgage with Poor Credit – The Facts

Are you thinking about a remortgage? Are you unsure what that term means? Are you worried your credit score may let you down or even prevent you from remortgaging altogether?

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We’ve made it our mission to help as many people as possible find their perfect mortgage, specialising in helping people with a bad credit history or previous credit issues – we think everyone deserves a chance to remortgage or own their dream home! Difference between going direct to a lender and seeking the advice of […]

Applying for a mortgage with a CCJ

Finding a mortgage can be especially difficult if you have an adverse credit score. A CCJ, IVA or defaults (any missing payments) on your credit file can put some lenders off. Although high street lenders are unlikely to consider you for a mortgage with any CCJ’s (County Court Judgements) there are still bad credit mortgage […]

Mortgages, even with bad credit

Poor credit ratings can be a huge barrier when trying to get a mortgage. Luckily there are brokers such as Clever Mortgages who can help you secure a bad credit mortgage when you are looking at buying a house. We have help 1000’s of customers, just like you with bad credit, achieve cheaper mortgage payments. […]

Can you get a mortgage with debt?


Many people who are in debt automatically assume they won’t be eligible for a mortgage. This isn’t always the case and you should still have a chance to take out a mortgage if you have debts. However, if your existing or previous debt has had a negative impact on your credit rating, then it can […]

Getting a bad credit mortgage

Many people, understandably, think that getting a mortgage with bad credit is an impossible feat. A bad credit rating can be like a constant weight around your neck, often unfairly, and doesn’t present an accurate picture of you as an individual. Sure, you might have a bad credit rating, but there may have been a […]

Bad Credit Remortgage

If you’ve got a mortgage you might be able to make huge savings each month by remortgaging, even if you’ve got bad credit We’ve helped hundreds of customers like you find a bad credit remortgage product that makes a real difference to their monthly outgoings. Here we’ll cover: What a remortgage is, and reasons to […]

Can I Get A Mortgage With Bad Credit?

If you’re worried about getting a mortgage with bad credit, rest assured we help customersevery day just like you. Here we’ll cover: How we helped a customer who’d had an IVA to get a mortgage and get on the property ladder How we could help, by knowing which mortgage lenders accept bad credit applications Why […]

Can I Get A Mortgage With Poor Credit?

House with sold sign at the front showing a bad credit score as a red icon

When you apply for a mortgage, the lender tries to predict your reliability for making your repayments responsibly, based on the way you’ve acted in the past. To do this, they look at lots of different data that’s stored on your credit file. This might include how many applications for credit you’ve made recently, how […]

Ways to improve your credit score

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A poor credit history can complicate things when trying to get a mortgage. Many mortgage providers won’t lend to someone who has suffered from bad credit regardless of their situation now. If you’ve been unsuccessful in getting a mortgage then you should work to improve your credit score.