Equity Release Calculator

Use our form for an equity release calculator for a no obligation estimate of the maximum amount you might be able to release from your home with a lifetime mortgage.

Use our equity release calculator to find a real solution to common problems affecting our clients, such as;

  • Having most of your money tied up in assets such as your home
  • Little to no access to cash that is freely available
  • Over the age of 55 with minimal regular income or in need of a large lump sum

We search the market to find you the best value plan to suit your needs and circumstances

Enjoy a worry-free retirement by releasing your static funds’ tax-free

Release some of the cash tied up in your property today with Clever Mortgages

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Why release equity?

There are many reasons to consider an equity release product and how it might benefit your personal situation.

At Clever Mortgages, we pride ourselves in putting you at the forefront of everything we do by providing clear information and easy to understand guidance.

Some of the benefits of equity release include;

  • You would keep 100% ownership of your home
  • The lump sum released from your property would be tax-free
  • If you wanted to move house in the future you can as portable plans allow for this
  • The released funds can be used to pay off any remaining mortgage, debts, or to fund an adventure or home improvements
  • There are fixed lifetime interest rates available so you know exactly where you stand
  • An increase in the value of your property could benefit you
  • You could secure a guaranteed income for life

What to consider before enquiring about equity release

What does releasing equity do to the value of my house?

A release of equity effectively takes cash out of your property which lowers its net asset value and may affect any means-tested benefits you’re eligible for

If the funds released from equity release are used as additional savings, this may impact social security benefits

Equity release may reduce your options when raising additional finance in the future.

Our initial consultation is free with no obligation to proceed if you feel it does not work as an option for you. We can talk you through how the process works and talk through your own personal circumstances.

The equity release council stated that during the whole of 2018 82,791 customers released equity from their homes

See how much tax-free cash you could release with our free no obligation equity release calculator

What is equity release?

Equity release is a financial product for people aged 55 to 95 which allows you to release some of the cash (equity) tied up in the value of your home. The money released, which can be spent however you like, can be taken as a single lump sum or more than once in smaller amounts, following an initial lump sum. To release equity from your home, you need to get expert advice from a qualified equity release adviser, which is where we can help.


You’ll remain a homeowner

There’s no need to move – you’ll still own 100% of your property once you’ve released its equity

No negative equity guarantee

Never pay back more than what your property is sold for, as long as it’s the best price reasonably obtainable

Tailored interest rate

We’ll always give you a personalised interest rate based on your individual circumstances

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