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New and Existing Customers

Our customers are important to us so here is some hints and tips and on how we can help you

See if you pre-qualify for a mortgage

Enquire about a mortgage with our pre-qualifying affordability form. No imprint on your credit score.

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Our customers are important to us so here is some hints and tips and on how we can help you

Product Transfers

If your current deal has come to an end, or has already ended we may be able to save you money with a new deal.

Benefits of Switching with us:-

We helped you before and can again

Peace of mind from an understanding team

Take away the stress and hassle

Specialist Advisors in getting mortgages where other’s can’t

Access to a comprehensive range of mortgages

Access to specialist lenders, not only those on the High Street


Borrowing More

Need to borrow more for home improvements or to consolidate some existing debt? Depending on the value of your property we will be able to compare borrowing more with your existing lender or looking at the rest of the market to ensure you get the best deal.   This may include secured lending options if you have penalties on your existing mortgage deal.

Are you having financial difficulties?

We know times can get tough, we have partnered with one of the largest debt management companies to assist our clients with their financial needs.

We will firstly try and look at your mortgage to see where savings can be made.

Moving Home

There could be many options if you are considering moving home, this could include porting your existing mortgage.  Our team can advise you on the best route for your circumstances.

Releasing Equity

Many clients can now be asset rich and cash poor, if you have little or no mortgage on your property and are over 55 then an Equity Release Mortgage could be an option for you.

Change in circumstances

We know things can change therefore if you need advice around removing a name off your mortgage or raising additional funds to remove an ex-spouse our team can help.

Protection Review

As we grow older so do our protection needs, this may be to ensure that family members are protected in the event of our death, ensuring an income is covered in the event of long-term illness or just making sure there are some additional funds for things like inheritance tax.

Our team can review your existing cover or provide a competitive quote according to your budget and needs

They can also refer you to sort that very important Will.

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