Bad Credit Mortgages

Bad Credit Mortgages

Need a mortgage, we can help – even if you have bad credit.

Even with a registered CCJ, Default, Missed Payment, DMP, IVA Or Bankruptcy.

Poor credit ratings can be seen as a barrier when trying to get a mortgage. Clever Mortgages don’t see it this way and specialise in helping those with bad credit secure a mortgage whether you are looking at buying a house or remortgaging.

We’ve helped 1000s of customers with bad credit to achieve cheaper mortgage payments

Poor credit ratings can be seen as a barrier when trying to get a mortgage. Clever Mortgages don’t see it this way and specialise in helping those with bad credit secure a mortgage whether you are looking at buying a house or remortgaging.

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We saved Mr H and Mrs H, almost £500 per month.

Previous Mortgage£61,000£4901.25%
Previous Secured Loan£43,000£43610%
Previous Unsecured debts £44,320£657
New Mortgage£150,000£1097.672.10%

Mr H had finished an IVA but Mrs H was still in her DMP, they also had 3 other debts and wanted to consolidate all into one mortgage payment.  Combining both mortgage and secured loan would overall bring the interest rate down.

We managed to find the couple a low fixed rate of 2.10% which makes a real impact to what was the combined monthly repayments of £1,583 (mortgage £490, secured loan, £436, other debts, £657), lowering them to £1,098 – meaning they are making an impressive saving of £485 a month

6 reasons to choose clever

Specialists in bad credit

Every member of our team is trained in bad credit situations and know how to find the right solutions for customers – helping them get the mortgage that’ll get them back on track.

Over 100 lenders

The number and quality of lenders we work with means we have access to a diverse spectrum of best-rate deals. The lenders we use means we have all areas covered – even for those in particularly niche circumstances.

Not every case is the same

As each customer’s situation is unique, we take the time to understand your situation, and we carefully assess your goals and how we’ll make sure the mortgage we get helps you to achieve them.

Access To Exclusive Rates

The relationship we have with our lenders means we have access to products and deals that simply aren’t available to customers going direct. This is true particularly for those in adverse credit situations.

First Class Support

Our experienced admin team are always on hand to answer your questions and keep you updated throughout.  So you’ll always know what’s happening.

Excellent Reviews

We’re proud of our long-standing 5 Star Rating on Trust Pilot, and love all the positive feedback we get from customers every day. We feel privileged to help people get a great deal with far less stress.

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We saved Mrs C, over £50,000 in mortgage interest.

As well as over £50,000 saved in mortgage interest, Clever Mortgages also saved 7 years off the mortgage term

BalancePaymentRateTermTotal amount payableInterest Payable
Current Mortgage£145,723£869.205.03%24 Years£252,068£106,345
New Mortgage£167,499£946.941.73%17 years£221,410£53,911

Mrs C had been with her existing lender for many years, keeping up with her repayments, however the lender no longer offered new products. Mrs C had just finished a 6 year IVA and wanted to raise money for much needed home improvements and get a new mortgage rate, Mrs C thought she was stuck on the lenders high standard variable rate.

Mrs C contacted Clever Mortgages, who were able to find a new lender with a much better fixed interest rate, reduced the mortgage term by 7 years, which will save £52,434 in interest over the term. Money was also raised to complete the home improvements.

About Clever Mortgages

We are a mortgage broker who specialise in sourcing mortgages including people with bad credit.

We soon realised from our customers not everyone has a perfect credit score, so we took the option to specialise in this ever-changing market and to help our customers find  a competitive mortgage despite your credit history – not have it affected by the broker you speak to.  It became our mission to understand this unique section of the mortgage market and our aim is to become one the UK’s leading bad credit mortgage brokers.

Why should I use a mortgage broker?

  • You’re likely to only have to do one application – this will save you time, and more applications from being recorded on your credit file
  • Some mortgages especially for people with bad credit are only available if you go through a mortgage broker
  • Brokers can advise on what would improve your chances – e.g. finding a guarantor or opting for a joint mortgage
  • They can take the hassle of application forms away – talking you through every step, and asking all the right questions

What should I do next?

  • Speak us today for no obligation advice
  • One of our experts will call for a chat to find out more about what you’re looking for
  • We do all the hard work for you – we’ll find the right deal for you
  • Our expert will keep you in the loop all the way to completion

* Debt consolidation is a good solution for some mortgage customers – however, it’s not suitable for everyone. You should always review the total amount payable through consolidation, not just the immediate savings in terms of a reduced monthly payment.

Please be aware that any unsecured debts consolidated within the mortgage, would then be secured against your property.