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Clever Mortgages have partnered with PayPlan to provide a FREE service to help and support customers who may be worried about recent interest rate rises or who may be coming off a fixed rate mortgage this year. Clever Mortgages can also help customers who are looking to purchase a property or remortgage for various purposes.

One of our specialist team can discuss your requirements and help you understand any options available to you.

If you want to discuss this further you can chat with us here, you can also request a call back or you are welcome to call us on
0800 197 0504.

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Case Study

Client came to Payplan to enquire in relation to a debt plan, they had missed a few payments on their unsecured debts and their mortgage had just gone on Standard Variable Rate.

The were struggling now to maintain their mortgages, car finance and various unsecured debts.

Client’s mortgage was on interest only with no repayment vehicle in place.

Our team secured the client a new mortgage with a high street lender saving the client £112 per month from the standard variable rate. The Mortgages was now on a repayment product meaning the client is now clearing the capital and interest unlike before where they were just clearing the interest.

It has also made it more affordable for the client to manage their unsecured debt.

Balance Payment p/m Rate Term
Previous Mortgage
15 Years
Unsecured debts
Car Finance
New Mortgage
15 Years